Car Repairs After An Accident

Even a minor car accident can damage your car in ways you may not realize. If you need car repairs in Las Vegas, our staff at Quality Star Auto know which parts of your car need assessment after a collision and will ensure your car is thoroughly evaluated. But in case you can’t make it to the local Las Vegas auto body shop right away, here are some important things to keep an eye on after a car accident:


If your car battery fails you, you’ll be stranded on the side of the road until assistance comes. That’s why you should never miss a beat with the battery check. A car accident can dent the battery, shift it out of place or shorten its lifetime. After an accident, your battery may need to be repaired or even replaced. Don’t wait to find out.

Driver Assistance Software

After an accident, you may notice some of your driver assistance functions don’t always work, such as the rear-view camera or the warning sounds when changing lanes. However, ignoring even minor dysfunctions can lead to another accident. It’s important to keep these features fully functioning for the safety of everyone on the road.


The frame is the supporting structure that keeps the car intact. Frame damage means the car is no longer aligned, which can result in unevenly worn tires and brakes, as well as an overall imbalance while driving. Driving with frame damage will also result in inevitable mechanical problems. Any frame damage should be repaired immediately. Your local Las Vegas auto body shop, Quality Star Auto, can get you started.


A car has several different types of lights, including headlights, taillights, brake lights, signal lights, fog lights and hazard lights. Each kind of light is imperative to safe driving and cannot be replaced with human vision. If any of the car’s lights are out after an accident, you should replace them immediately before another accident arises.

Leaks and Noises

Suspicious leaks from a car can be from several things, including the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, or power steering fluid—all of which are essential to a car’s proper functioning.

Suspicious noises can include rattling, squealing, rumbling, grinding or popping. These noises could mean loose car parts, worn out brake pads, low levels of steering fluid, engine issues, or clogged filters.

Repairing any one of these issues is critical to safe driving. It’s never worth ignoring mysterious leaks or noises—not only are you risking another accident, but you’re risking paying thousands of dollars in repair costs that could have been avoided.


Problems such as scraped off paint or a damaged bumper, can lead to less obvious risks and should be addressed right away. For example, even small dents on a bumper weaken its ability to absorb the impact of another accident. Similarly, only a minor scratch on the paint results in exposed car metal, which will eventually weaken the car frame.

Getting car repairs after an accident is important to your safety. If you’re looking for a Las Vegas auto body shop, check out Quality Star Auto today.