Engine Repair in Las Vegas

When it comes to your car, some difficulties, such as engine troubles, should never be overlooked. The longer you wait to have problems properly assessed and serviced, the more likely you are to need more expensive repairs. The following are common signs of engine damage that should never be overlooked. If you observe any of these concerning signals, call your local auto repair shop right away to book an engine repair in Las Vegas.

Oil leak

An oil leak can do serious damage to your vehicle’s engine. Depending on the severity of the leak, it could be completely dry in no time. Oil may show in your driveway as a black or dark brown patch, or it may be a rainbow color if the ground is damp. Have your vehicle inspected by a skilled mechanic right away.


Bearings hold an engine’s moving components in place. These bearings will begin to wear out over time or without sufficient lubrication. They will begin to make a knocking noise that will increase and decrease in speed with the engine’s RPM. It’s a good idea to have an auto shop check out any weird noises you notice.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can indicate a variety of issues, but as long as you go to a repair shop as soon as it illuminates, the problem is likely to be minor. The longer you wait for diagnostics, the more serious the condition will become.

Reduced Efficiency

The better an engine is in terms of power and fuel economy, the better it will perform. A variety of factors cause reduced engine performance, including faulty spark plugs, malfunctioning sensors, and mechanical engine issues. If your engine isn’t working properly, get to an auto repair facility as soon as possible.

Engine Smoke

An increase in exhaust smoke usually indicates that the engine has a leak of some sort. You can quickly diagnose what’s wrong with the vehicle based on the hue of the smoke. Blue smoke shows that oil is burning in the engine, white smoke indicates that coolant is burning, and black smoke indicates that there is too much gasoline being used.

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