Smog Test Precautions

Getting a smog check is one of those things that everyone knows they have to do, but they aren’t really sure of all the details surrounding it. Generally, it is a simple process, but there are conditions that you should look out for when you schedule your next test. It is critical to pass your test in order to guarantee that your vehicle complies with all local laws and regulations. It’s also better for your car’s performance and the environment if it meets state requirements. Many people are unaware that a variety of factors might influence the outcome of a smog test. This is especially true for older or inactive automobiles. Continue reading to discover various factors that could have a significant impact on your car’s smog test results.

Maintenance or Repairs Required

You should not submit your vehicle to a smog check if it requires emergency repairs. If extensive repairs are required, there is a very good chance that the car will fail test. Before taking your car in for an inspection, ensure necessary engine repairs are completed. This dramatically increases the car’s chances of passing.

The Engine Is Not Warmed Up

A smog inspection on a car with a cold engine that has only recently been started is not a smart idea. Before arriving at the inspection facility, you should drive your car for at least 20 minutes. This will warm up your car’s engine, allowing it to perform optimally for the test.

New Car Battery

If your car’s battery is replaced, disconnected, or jump-started, the vehicle’s internal test monitors may be wiped. In order for your car to complete and pass a smog test, the testing facility requires this monitoring information.

If you had to disconnect or replace your battery recently, you drive for a week or roughly 100 miles before getting a smog check. This ensures that your vehicle has the necessary information to finish the test.

Dirty Oil

A smog test might also be harmed by dirty or polluted engine oils. The engine is built to take in some of the fumes that come from the various oil containers. These vapors then mix and become part of the combustion process in the engine. A failed check could occur if your oil is unclean or needs to be changed.

Proper Tire Inflation

Typically, a mechanic would run your car on a machine called a dynamometer to gather various readings during a smog test. To ensure that the car can be driven precisely and steadily during the test, proper tire pressure is essential. If your tires aren’t properly inflated, they could play a major role in your test results, especially if the results are not a sure thing.

Check Engine Light

Finally, if your check engine light is illuminated as you undergo a smog test, you may receive poor results. If your check engine light remains on for the duration of the smog test, you may receive an automatic failure.

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