Is It Time To Replace Your Oil

You should take the time to check your oil level regularly. Otherwise, you risk your car breaking down. If you notice your level is low and is not due to regular wear and tear, you should make sure replace your oil immediately.

Also, when checking the oil in your car, make sure that you are checking the engine block. If you notice any leaks or hear any strange sounds coming from the engine, then it might be time to contact Quality Star Imports and Domestics in Las Vegas.

There are many reasons for an oil change. One is that the oil gets dirty over time. It can make it less effective and causes the engine to work harder.

Another reason is that changing the oil will remove any sludge buildup in your engine, which will help it run smoother and last longer.

6 Signs It Is Time To Change the Oil of Your Car

Check Engine Light is On

A check engine light on could mean your car needs an oil change. Your car is telling you that there is a problem, and it needs to be corrected. It means the computer is not reading the right input from sensors and needs attention.

One of the causes might be the low oil level.

The Oil Starts To Smoke or Smell Strong

As the car engine runs, oil lubricates the moving parts inside. This oil continuously circulates. Unfortunately, even the best engines get hot, and oil starts to smoke or smell strong over time. It may be an indication of an oil problem.

Brownish Film on the Surface of the Engine

The car engine is an essential car part. It’s the source of heat and power, which keeps the car running smoothly. But when you look at it, you might notice that it has a brownish film on the surface. It can be a sign of trouble, and you need to do something right away.

Car Makes a Clicking Noise When You Try To Start It

The clicking noise your vehicle makes when starting means that something has gone wrong. Your car might need new spark plugs, or maybe you need to change the oil. Whatever the case may be, your vehicle requires immediate attention.

Strong Smell When You Start the Engine

If you smell any burning or strong odors when you start your engine, it’s time to change the oil.

Burning in Car Engine

If your car engine is burning or if it takes longer than usual to start up, that means that there’s something wrong with the oil or other components of your car. It might be due to poor fuel quality or defective parts, so always change oil and regularly maintain your vehicle.

Regular oil changes are the best way to keep your engine in good condition. Most people tend to ignore the warning sounds of their car and hope that it goes away.

If you think it may be time to replace your oil, contact Quality Star Imports and Domestics in Las Vegas!