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Are you looking for an oil change in Las Vegas? You might be confused about the process and what the best choice of oil for your vehicle is. Especially, if you’ve ever walked down the motor oil aisle at your local auto parts store, you’ve probably been surprised or even overwhelmed by the amount of options available. There are various brands, quantities, weights, and even types of oil available. How could you possibly know which is the best option for you?

It isn’t nearly as complicated as it appears. You can find out what weight of oil to use, how often to replace it, and how much oil to put in each time by consulting your vehicle’s owner’s handbook. These are all crucial to know, however your manual may not specify which oil to use. This is possibly the most important consideration when choosing a new oil, as it can have a considerable impact on the health of your engine.

Are all oils created equal? It would be a lot simpler if they were, but unfortunately the answer is no. There are many types of motor oil, such as conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend, and high-mileage, and we can help you decide which is best for your vehicle’s next oil change in Las Vegas.


Standard motor oil is conventional oil. It is made from crude oil that has been extracted from the ground and processed in a facility. It is then bottled and marketed for use in your engine after undergoing various additions and processes to boost its thickness and engine protection characteristics. It’s that simple.

There are benefits and drawbacks to this. The most significant advantage is cost. Conventional oil is a very cost-effective way to keep your engine safe and your vehicle operating smoothly. It’s also reasonably effective—these days, there aren’t many terrible motor oils on the market; as long as you obtain the appropriate weight and quantity, you should be fine. However, they have more disadvantages than other varieties. They tend to be less refined due to the naturally existing ingredients. Additionally, they provide less protection than other varieties.


Synthetic motor oil is made in a factory or laboratory. They are more consistent as a result of this since it is easier to oversee manufacturing processes when all of your materials are held to much higher standards. As a result, these oils are more refined and are healthier for your engine overall.

However, this comes at a price. The cost of full-synthetic motor oil is higher than that of regular oil. If you use a full-synthetic oil, you may expect to pay up to $40 more for an oil change, depending on how much your car uses. Synthetic oils also tend to last longer than conventional oils, lasting for extended periods of time and distance before needing to be replaced.

Blended Synthetic

Synthetic blend oils are a hybrid oil that contains both synthetic and natural ingredients. To put it another way, it’s a mix of conventional and synthetic oils that aims to capture some of the benefits of both while minimizing the negatives.

The results are very much as expected: they give better protection and performance than conventional oils, but not quite as good as full-synthetic oils. They last slightly longer than traditional oils, but not as long as fully synthetic oils. They are slightly more expensive than conventional oils, but not as much as full-synthetics. Overall, they’re a good compromise for individuals wishing to keep costs down while giving their automobile a bit of additional assistance.


High-mileage oil is a distinct type of oil that exists fully on its own. These products contain a special blend of additives that are meant to prevent oil evaporation and improve overall performance. This added protection is critical for automobiles with a lot of miles which suffer from increased engine wear.

If you have a car with more than 75,000 miles on it, you should use a high-mileage oil.

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