Oil Service in Las Vegas

Owning a vehicle is no small feat, and it only makes sense that you would want your vehicle to be in the best condition possible. Oil changes are an extremely essential service that Quality Star Imports & Domestic is ready to help you with! Why is it so vital to change engine oil regularly? The most critical routine vehicle maintenance is changing your oil regularly. Regular oil changes help keep your car running smoothly. An oil change is an excellent time to get other parts of the car inspected as well. Oil changes at Quality Star Imports & Domestic in Las Vegas are quick and easy. Our fully certified staff is here to give you reliable advice. Whether you have a brand new car or an older model, frequent oil changes are a must.

Helps Maintain a Clean Engine

When dirt and other particles enter the engine, it can become clogged. If you don’t change your oil regularly, sludge will build up inside. Those who live in dry, dusty environments like Las Vegas will have even more particles. Regular oil service will help remove dangerous dirt and debris from your engine before they cause damage.

Routine Oil Changes May Extend Engine Life

Your car runs on oil. It lubricates and protects your engine’s essential parts. But oil gets nasty. You will save time, money, and stress by changing your oil and filter according to the owner’s manual’s instructions. A frequent oil change is an investment in your vehicle’s longevity.

Oil Changes Protect Other Engine Parts

How does oil work in your car? The crankshaft and connecting rods are two important pieces of your engine that make it run. These rods move the pistons inside the cylinders. The camshaft also helps open and close the vehicle’s exhaust valves. For all of these components to work correctly, clean oil must be present in the engine.

Timely Oil Changes Improve Gas Mileage

Regular oil service improves gas mileage! We all want a car that is economical. Environment, geography, driving behavior, and vehicle maintenance all impact overall MPG. Debris builds up inside your engine, generating friction, and friction is not your engine’s friend. Friction kills engine performance and fuel economy. Keeping your engine clean will reduce friction, allowing it to run more efficiently and provide better gas efficiency.

Pass Your Emissions Test & Save The Environment

It’s all about how many of these particles called hydrocarbons are sprayed into the atmosphere that affect if you will pass an emissions test. If you don’t change your oil regularly, unclean oil creates hydrocarbon buildup inside your engine’s crankcase. These are then burned up and released into the air via the vehicle’s exhaust. Preventing pollution by changing your oil on time will help you pass this essential emissions test.

Changing Oil Often Improves Engine Performance

Heat breaks down old oil over time. This reduces its viscosity and ability to lubricate the cylinder walls. Oil has to travel through a filter to get to where it needs to go. Sludge builds up, obstructing the flow to lubricated sections. Oil also removes heat from the engine. These parts stay hotter longer if dirty. Eventually, the engine will run less effectively, losing both gas mileage and horsepower.

Quality Star Imports & Domestic’s Routine Oil Change Services

Regular oil changes are required. Definitely not a vehicle service to overlook. Dirty oil reduces gas mileage, horsepower, and eventually engine life. Read your vehicle’s owner’s manual and get your oil changed at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals. If you have any questions, please contact us today to set up an appointment.